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Topic: Starting to play piano again. Some help needed

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    Smile Starting to play piano again. Some help needed

    Hi, I am 22 years old, I started playing piano when I was 8 years old ( or 7 , I can't remember ) . The thing is that because of University, I stopped playing for 2 years. I live in an Apartment so I just can't have an acoustic piano. ( the neighbors would complain, and I can't play at night ).

    Well , I saw that roland is releasing the new series of the RD-700SX really soon ( the RG-700SX I think ? ). I have read a lot in this forums and a lot of people is really liking the old RD-700SX. So I think I may go for that model. I tried all the Kawai models and I didin't like them a lot.

    The thing is that I will also need a software piano instrument ( that can be loaded in Logic ideally ), the stock sounds of the Roland can be improved a Lot, and I have read a lot here about the PianoTeq and the Ivory Pianos.

    I have a MacBook with 2 gb of ram, 2.1 Ghz.

    Please help me a bit guys , I am more into Classical piano and Jazz.

    Thanks a lot for this forums.

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    Re: Starting to play piano again. Some help needed


    I got your PM. I don't know if I can help you but I'll certainly try.

    First of all, let me calm you a little about one thing: the 1,5-2 years break is not a disaster yet, and although you might be scared after the first tries after this break, don't be and don't you resign or anything. You shouldn't really have much problems with going back to shape in no longer than a few weeks, maybe shorter.

    I can't help you too much with a hardware controller, as I'm not a person with a lot of experience with those - I haven't played too many of them, just a few. But regarding a real piano and it being loud, I know that there are pianos with a 'mute' funcion: the middle pedal has an additional "lockable" function which puts some kind of "cloth" (sorry, I don't know what the material is called, my english's not perfect) between the strings and hammers. It works pretty well, but can't say it would be enough for your walls (and neighbors tollerance) and most of all, it of course changes the sound. If you're interested, just try one of those at your local dealer.

    Now to the virtual instruments. I tried quite a few of them, but never tried the mentioned pianoteq, but it is very popular and I know people like it. I'm using TruePianos for a small but still very interesting piano and a Galaxy II as the big, "real" and "professional" sound. The TP is a hybrid instrument, which means it uses sampling and other techniques to produce a sound. It sounds really nice, very interesting and original. There are different sounding modules and this instrument is expandable, which is great - the company behind it produces new modules. And what's more, you can check it out for yourself by downloading a demo here.
    And if you're after the really great and real sounding piano, the Galaxy II shouldn't dissapoint you. There are 3 real Pianos that sound fantastic and a whole bunch of tweaking (but easy!) possibilies. I recommend whatching the trailers.

    But what piano to choose is a totally personal thing. Some guys prefer the sound of Ivory, which is also great, just a matter of taste. And then there's the new Garritan Steinway, but I have no opportunity to try. So I wouldn't actually say "pick this one, it's the best", rather try them for yourself, at least by listening the demos.

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: Starting to play piano again. Some help needed

    I'd say Truepianos would be perfect for you. But don't take my word for it. Get your new keyboard, get the midi hookup in place to your macbook, and download the TP demo.

    You get 40 days unrestricted use of the Diamond Module. And keep in mind this is just 1 or 3 modules. The other two give you completely different piano types. You also get a year of free updates. Version 2 of Truepianos should be coming out in the next year, so that would be a free upgrade.

    Anyway, you get the chance to try it out for yourself, so if you don't like it, no money wasted.

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    Re: Starting to play piano again. Some help needed

    Thanks for your help guys, I will try True Piano . If anyone has some other suggestion I will listen of course.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Starting to play piano again. Some help needed

    About what I said, I did a bit more research, and founded that the download version of galaxy piano is like 89 euros (for just one of the 3 pianos, either steinway, baby grand, of the viena grand ) and true piano is 180 dollars, even more expensive than that. I actually own an old yamaha clavinova able to handle midi quite decently. So I downloaded True Piano , I have been trying it and I think it's really nice , but maybe the galaxy would be a better option? I mean, some people talk wonders of it.

    You see, I don't wanna buy something cheaper just because it's a bit cheaper that maybe I will regret for buying latter, just for not spending a hundred more dollars to buy a Virtual Piano that really pleases me .

    So , what do you think about this Galaxy thing ?

    PS: I listened some demos of the steinway and there are some really nice demos, but well demos are just that demos...

    Any opinions on it ? or some stuff recorded by you on it guys ???

    Thanks again.


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    Re: Starting to play piano again. Some help needed

    PianoTeq has a playable demo, too. If you're sure want samples, there's also the ArtVista piano.

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    Re: Starting to play piano again. Some help needed

    I am not completely sold on samples yet, but I saw that most of people here are using them. But as a player ( not a recorder ) perspective, I don't really know what could be better for me. I just want to invest my money on the thing that better suit my needs.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Re: Starting to play piano again. Some help needed

    Have been using the PianoTeq for like 4 days now . I have to say I'm really Impressed with it.


    1) The response of this software is really amazing, again, I can't believe how responsive can this instrument be. And I don't have a new generation controller, it's my old yamaha clavinova , the velocity control of this yamaha is not great, but dam, PianoTeq sounds pretty good on it.

    The sound quality of PianoTeq is still missing a bit I think, just a bit for my taste, but I loved the action of it, and it works perfectly for practicing my exercises.

    I love the sound of Sample Libraries , but they are really big , I can't afford an external drive just to have a sample library, and the action is not that awesome either. I have to say, PianoTeq is really close ( IMHO ) , to playing the real thing. And I also think ( IMHO , and as a Computer Scientist ) that their approach is the best approach, and it will only become better.

    having said that, I am buying it.

    Thanks for all your help guys,

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