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Topic: Michiel Post...

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    Michiel Post...

    Michiel Post

    What is the easiest way to get this instrument in the USA? Is it available for order here yet? I would rather order it from a supplier here in the states.

    Thanks for any info as I would really love to get this piano for a Cd i am finishing up and see how it sounds.


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    Re: Michiel Post...

    At this moment the easiest way to get the library is to order it on-line on my website: www.postmusicalinstruments.com.
    We ship to the U.S. without additional charges.
    The world-wide distribution will be handled by TASCAM in the very near future but I cannot tell how long it will take untill they have the libaray in the shops.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Michiel Post...


    What is the tax situation when shipping within the EEC? i.e. will I be charged duty here in the UK whilst having already paid duty in Holland?

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Michiel Post...

    I\'m not familiar with that.
    When I ship the disk here the tax is payed. When it arrives in your country you have already payed the tax (to me), and you can recieve an invoice confirming that, so I don\'t see why you would be charged tax twice. However I never heard anything about this before. So, I\'m not 100% certain.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Michiel Post...


    Whenever someone in the UK buys goods from the US, they have to pay VAT (17.5%) to the carrier (who collects it on behalf of the Tax office). As a result, many companies that ship worldwide offer a tax free price to compensate. It doesn\'t cost the company, as they mark the sale as \'Export\'.

    I\'m not sure where we can find any firm info on this one. Anyone else ...?!

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    Re: Michiel Post...

    I never heard of such a thing. Normally I send a disk in an enveloppe and it arrives without customs (or the carrier on behalf of tax people) opening it. I have shipped to EEC and U.S. states for 4 years now without any problem.

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    Re: Michiel Post...

    I can confirm that recieving Michiels discs in England didn\'t cost me anymore than the advertised price. They just arrived in the normal post.



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    Re: Michiel Post...

    There is a cut off point of about £15 I believe. Any CD order under (or marked on the package as being under) this amount gets away tax free, anything over and the recipient has to pay the carrier. Am I the only person in the world that has experienced import duty?!!

    The following link is an example of what I\'m saying:

    It may be that your customers just aren\'t telling you, Michiel. Either way, it can add a hefty surcharge to any purchase and as far as I can tell, it\'s unnecessary as the exporter can claim the lost tax back.

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    Re: Michiel Post...

    I see your point. But it doesn\'t affect our shipping. We always ship the cd\'s, without giving an indication of the price. When needed we declare it\'s a CD, but the value of a cd never exceeds $25.

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    Re: Michiel Post...

    Problem solved! Thanks for clearing that up Simon & Michiel.

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