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Topic: Lilium - suggestion for orchestrators

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    Lilium - suggestion for orchestrators

    Hi there!

    After reading through the orchestration principles I thought I could try to orchestrate a fairly unknown melody I love. It's called "Lilium" and it's from anime Elfen Lied.

    Here is the original, with vocals - originally orchestrated as the intro music for the movie, with piano and strings.


    There was also a version played by a music box, giving the clear melody, which I played on piano by myself:


    I found it extremely difficult, somehow. I am not a music major, nor I posess enough theory to do harmonisation correctly. I thought of many ideas, but each of them failed, sounding either funny, or cheerful, whereas the melody is sad and moving. Of course, most of my tries just sounded awful and inconsistent. I wandered through melody in woodwinds, and melody in strings, but it all wasn't allright.

    I thought I may post the melody here for other forum members, maybe one of you will also fall in love with the melody and come up with ideas for beautiful sounding orchestration? Please tread that post as a suggestion for free time - if you have no idea what to orchestrate, maybe you have now? It's not a request by all means - it's just I am curious what ideas for harmony and orchestral parts could be incorporated to make a full orchestra project true sorrow and grief through this melody.

    For all interested, sheet music can be found here http://ichigos.com/sheets/e under Elfen Lied section, it's the Music Box version transcribed by Ryusei.

    Best wishes for beginning spring to you all!

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    Re: Lilium - suggestion for orchestrators


    I'm actually very familiar with this song.

    I've previously arranged it for the piano (check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niywYntBxRc [the current arrangement I play differs from the video though]; the score I posted is inaccurate, fingering-wise/hand-use-wise though, I'm working on it)

    I've also arranged it for 2 violins by request (http://danielcomposer.webs.com/scores/Lilium_ViolinDuo.pdf), and am in the process of arranging it for Violin Cello duet (by request), Flute Cello duet (by request), Trumpet solo (by request; I don't think it'll sound very good, but I'll do it), and string orchestra (for fun).

    I have a lot to do!

    I find the original arrangement perfect, so I just stick with the "feel" of that one. I just listen to the original song repetitively and pick out the specific instrument parts and include the phrases (hopefully the right word?) that stick out the most, or sound the best to me.

    Though your idea (changing the feel of the song) sounds like something worth trying...

    string quartet (ˈstriŋ kwȯr-ˈtet) n. a good violinist, a bad violinist, an ex-violinist, and someone who hates violinists, all getting together to complain about composers

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    Re: Lilium - suggestion for orchestrators

    Hey, thanks for your reply! In fact I'm not trying to change the style much - the original arrangement was perfect for me too. It was great in portraing the moving and somehow sad theme. I just thought about extending it for full orchestra, leaving the general mood and feel of the original - however I failed

    I will be very happy to see your future arrangements, as I also play violin


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    Re: Lilium - suggestion for orchestrators

    Happy to find another Lilium fan.

    string quartet (ˈstriŋ kwȯr-ˈtet) n. a good violinist, a bad violinist, an ex-violinist, and someone who hates violinists, all getting together to complain about composers

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