The other day I did a small piece using the strad with mod wheel and "sent it to iTunes" on my Mac so I could email it for possible use on a video. Before rendering it sounded fine, with plenty of portamento and legato. Afterwards, all that was gone. So frustrating.

I'm using GarageBand 4 (but plan on moving to Logic as soon as there's a newer computer.) I never did the special way of installing it in GarageBand recommended in the Garritan tutorials, as all Kontakt 2 and Kontakt Player applications seems to work fine as plug-ins, which appear as Audio Unit modules in the Instrument Generator panel. In fact, most Garritan products are on my external HD.

Of course, there is no way of setting midi channels from GarageBand, so all that is inaccessible and unfamiliar territory. Wondering if that could be part of the problem, or....?