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Topic: 1666 - Journey To Rome

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    Exclamation 1666 - Journey To Rome

    "Wear this helmet and you will become invisible" Said the dwarf. It was time to meet the Cardinals of Rome.
    King Gore was excited by the thought of being able to fart among the Cardinals of Rome without being seen. Orgando had equipped him with a magic helmet that could turn him invisible.

    scene 2 - Act 2 1666 - JOURNEY TO ROME


    The melody is a leitmotif as in a Wagner opera! Here it describes the trip to Rome. ()
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    Re: 1666 - Journey To Rome

    Wow, if the Italians had been this powerful and forceful during WWII, the ending might have been different. I especially noted the fugal treatment of the theme at the end. Very exciting and well done.


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    Re: 1666 - Journey To Rome

    Raw power, Fredrik! Raw power!

    Knock 'em down, stomp on 'em, roll over 'em, and then,
    after you do all that -- hurt 'em!

    Seriously, great job on this... really high-tension, hard-
    hitting writing in this with solid, sustained impact.

    My best,


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