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Topic: OT - Pennywise gives away new album

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    OT - Pennywise gives away new album

    So, I don't know how many people know who they are, but the one punk band named Pennywise is giving away there new album for free on MySpace to anyone that signs up to be there friend. I think this is the first time any band on a major label has given away an album for free to the masses.

    What do you think about it? An end to the music industry, or something else.
    Anthony Abruscato

    "There are only two types of music: Love Songs and Pirate Music"

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    Re: OT - Pennywise gives away new album

    It certainly is not the first time.

    Radiohead released their latest album for a NON SET price (which I got for 0$) in mp3 format from their website. And a boxset for £40
    Nine Inch Nails did a much more ellaborate plan, which involved releasing 10 tracks for free, I think, all the album for 5$, the CD for 15$, a boxset for 70$ and some DVDs for 200$ (sold out of course).

    Can't get much more famous than Radiohead and NIN I reckon...

    As for the music industry: If the music industry being dead means that the "democracy" of myspace will take it's place, then no thank you. I prefer the music industry.

    Which (music industry) is doing it's job SO well that people can't avoid wanting the pop music SO much they are willing to break the law (piracy) in order to get it. Imagine that! Everyone's accusing the music industry, but it's exactly that industry that makes all those songs appealing.

    My 0.69$ (it was WAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaay over 2 cents really...)

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