hey there

i am having a problem

could anybody breif me the on the method of generating timecode for video sync on two pc's

coz i have been trying to do for a long time but yet unsucessful.

could u plz mail me the whole procedure to do the sync

currently i have connected my master pc via midi to motu MTPAV that goes to my slave pc viai midi and it works but the problem is there is a delay in the video frames about "2 frames". i dont generate any timecode as have no clue how to.

how can i get a 100% lock

here is the gear detail

master pc
core2duo ,2gb rm,winxp
motu828 sound card
cubase sx 3

slave pc
amd,2gb rm , win xp
maudio delta audio 2496 sound card

and mtpav midi time peice.

hope u could help me out guys

thanks in advance