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Topic: Tricked-out Britten

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    Tricked-out Britten

    Hi everyone

    I would greatly appreciate feedback on my latest project. It's a Renaissance-styled arrangement of Spring Carol by Benjamin Britten. It was sort of a family project as my two nieces - ages 14 and 16 - sang the vocals.


    Thanks in advance.

    Stephen Harper

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    Re: Tricked-out Britten

    I don't know the Britten piece you based your arrangement on so I don't know how much you brought to the piece and how much he brought. But this is quite lovely. The sound levels seem like they could use some work (voice could be brought up more), and the drums maybe could use a rethink in some places, but overall, it is very sweet, and different sounding. It reminds a little bit of a Brit band called "National Health," a "Canterbury" band.

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    Re: Tricked-out Britten

    Hey, thanks very much for taking the time to listen and offer feedback. The original is for two treble voices and concert harp, so yeah, I did add a fair amount to the original arrangement. BTW, I'm a big fan of the Canterbury scene - even saw Nat'l Health in concert, but any similarities were unintentional. Guess stuff just comes out. At another forum a guy said it sounded like Popol Vuh - another favorite, but again unintentional.

    Thanks again - really appreciate it.



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    Re: Tricked-out Britten

    I'll have to look into Popul Vuh, Canterbury rocks. Keep up the good work

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    Re: Tricked-out Britten

    why you will have to do it ??????


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