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Topic: Stylus RMX - Cubase 4 no Automationnames :(

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    Stylus RMX - Cubase 4 no Automationnames :(

    Hey there, i try to use the search engine, but i did not find any solution for my problem and Spectrasonic's FAQ has no answer as well.

    Heres the problem:
    All of my parameter keys in the automation browser are called "unnamed", and i dont know why, so i dont know what parameter i edit... ive installed the latest updates of all products.


    Cubase 4.1 (latest Update), Stylus RMX 1.5 (latest Update)
    Athlon 64 3500+, 3 GB Ram, Asus A8V

    I hope you can help me to solve it. Thanks!

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    Re: Stylus RMX - Cubase 4 no Automationnames :(

    Stylus RMX contains many thousands of parameters. There are so many that it isn't practical to name them all. Even if it was, it wouldn't be practical to use a menu to find one out of 20,000

    However, you can automate parameters in Stylus RMX. See the "Concepts - automation" section of the reference guide and the video tutorial that demonstrates automation with Cubase.

    - Glenn

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