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Topic: GVI and VSL

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    GVI and VSL

    I just bought GVI from sweetwater and have it working great. My question is, Ive been wanting to buy some VSL libraries for awhile now. Do they still use the performance tool. I saw a tutorial on it and I cant tell if GVI has the routing capabilites to use the performance. Besides that it seems VSL changes their products so much IM not sure if they even use the performance tool now. If not are their new products compatable. Ive also saw some older libraries for sale, do they change ownership. Im just wondering if I spring for some VSL libraries if I need to go ahead and get giga 4. THanks in advance,

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    Re: GVI and VSL

    The libraries that is part of the VSL line (yes, same name as the company, it's confusing) was regular sample libraries (in GIG and EXS24 format) utilising regular software samplers with their Performance tool patched in between your sequencer and the sampler. However the VSL line has been discontinued, but some of the libraries are still available from resellers in limited quantities.

    The libraries part of the VI line (interpreted as "Vienna Instrument" not "virtual instrument") use their own custom player software which have the functionality of the Performance tool and sampler merged together. So no other sampler software is required.
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    Re: GVI and VSL


    If you can get a copy of any of the .gig format products (as explained by danhielson), you will be able to use the performance tool with them. It involves being able to use the maple midi router, which I believe is free.

    Alternatively, if you have gigastudio, you can convert the instruments' legato programming to imidi using the giga editor, so the perf tool won't be needed. It's a bit of work, but not too bad considering that any instruments you process like this will be "load and go" forever after


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    Re: GVI and VSL

    I dont have giga studio, just GVI. THe former post have cleared some things up,

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    Re: GVI and VSL

    so let me see if I understand, do the new libraries have a lot of the same samples as the 1st edition and the pro edition but you dont have to use the performance tool with them. Are the new libraries they are making made in the same place, same quality. Some of the demos sounded really good,

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    Re: GVI and VSL

    I believe a lot of them use the same samples but the VI versions generally have more articulations added (though many of these are only available if you get the extended library). Personally, I would get the VI versions instead unless you can get the older ones for really cheap somewhere. The VI interface gives you more control letting you combine patches/articulations in a way that lets you choose how you want to trigger them.

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