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Topic: Big Bang Chord?

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    Question Big Bang Chord?


    I'm trying to compose a "evolution suite" but I'm afraid I ran directly into a problem. I'm looking for a sutible chord for my big bang.
    I think it's should be very...hmm..., Big Bangian .
    Any suggestions perhaps?
    Regards Danial Zainali
    Reinvent powdered wigs!

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    Re: Big Bang Chord?

    Funny, I don't imagine the big bang as a chord...
    I would imagine more of a massive orchestral unison, with fff bass drum and timpani and tam-tam... but with a wonderful lingering polytonal pppp effect afterwards, maybe in string harmonics with celesta and harp.

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    Re: Big Bang Chord?

    I imagine four or five percussionists each with two mallets creating a loud cluster on tubular bells, and letting all the notes ring for about a minute.
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    Re: Big Bang Chord?

    Try the full organ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the lowest frequency you can get, immediately followed by all brass you have, with the basedrum as a hit. And I mean a hit, to get your monitors from your desk. Then follow this with complete silence to set in the artificial harmonics of the 1st violins of the highest note. Again silence for some ticks and then start your work.......


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    Re: Big Bang Chord?

    If you use a chromatic cluster, with all 12 tones, all possibilities of creation are present in the chord. As you probably know, a chromatic cluster is a chord built entirely of minor seconds. BANG!
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    Re: Big Bang Chord?

    I think you might have a few options...

    Full orchestra hit, possibly with random notes, in some dissonant chord.

    A cannon. Not the musical style, an actual cannon, or multiple ones.

    Silence, since space is a vacuum, no one could hear it.

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    Re: Big Bang Chord?

    Blow up a brown paper bag, creep up behind the brass section, and.....

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    Re: Big Bang Chord?

    Ooo! So many cool suggestion but only one beginning

    I've tried most your ideas but I'm slowly discovering a new problem. When I try these big hits and stuff my sound cracks, It's like my computer can't take it all at once. Has this something to do with my RAM or something like that? I'm running on my stationary and it's a quality machine (or at least I think it is). I've had this problem on my laptop before but never on this one. I'm working in finale, could that be it? What if I do the same in Sonar perhaps?
    Regards Danial Zainali
    Reinvent powdered wigs!

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    Re: Big Bang Chord?

    Sorry, songs can only be composed through Intelligent Design.

    But to help you with your Big Bang Chord, try listening to The Who song Won't Get Fooled Again.

    Here's a video rare capture of the Big Bang Chord in action.
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    Re: Big Bang Chord?

    I always imagine a large explosion followed by the music John Williams composed when the death star blows in Star Wars.


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