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Topic: Really Need Help With K2 Outputs Routing

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    Really Need Help With K2 Outputs Routing

    OK, I give up, I just can't figure this thing out.

    When I load a drum MULTI into K2, I naturally want to assign the separate drums out different outputs. Usually mono, with a stereo for the overheads. Some drum multis I have are ALL stereo, so each drum would get a stereo out. Nevermind all that...

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I loaded Steven Slate Drums up, and of course all the drums come out the stereo 1-2 by default. I used a K2 template that said 16 OUTS, for starters. I went to the SNARE instrument, and it's drop down menu for outputs gave me a choice of STEREO 1, STEREO 2, and SURROUND. For kicks I assigned it to STEREO 2, and in LOGIC the second of several AUXs I had made registered the snare coming through properly, and the kick still showing up on the default 1-2. After that, I'm lost. I can't assign anything else anywhere I want because everything says SURROUND. Is there anyone out there that could make this simple for a dummy?

    Really appreciate it...

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    Re: Really Need Help With K2 Outputs Routing

    Hi, Tom,

    You need to create more outputs!

    On the Output panel area in Kontakt 2-

    Click "Add Channel"

    Click "Conf." on the new channel

    Set the physical outputs for channel 1 & 2

    Click "OK"

    Repeat to create more stereo outputs, I have 16 stereo outputs setup on mine wired to an Audio Instrument and 15 Aux Instruments in Logic, that way I can control 16 instruments on 16 MIDI channels in Logic. I also have a Multi Instrument wired to the Audio Instrument, both of them set to MIDI "all." The Aux Channels are set to MIDI channels 2 thru 16. The only problem with this setup is I need 2 tracks in the Arrange Window for each separate Kontakt instrument. One to hold the MIDI information and one to do the track processing.

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