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Topic: load/play custom instrument in RMX !!!

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    Thumbs up load/play custom instrument in RMX !!!

    Hi, I wanna share with you a great trick I've just discovered (I do hope it has never been done before) :

    Waiting till september for playing instruments within Steam engine ? too long for me !
    So, I thought about a way of doing similar thing - even throught a very very reduced scheme - - with my... STYLUS RMX !!!

    So, I've first started by launching my SX3 and recorded a chromatic progression of a Q synth bass sound (37 notes) ; once exported as a wav file, I demand to a friend of mine - a Recycle user - to open it in his Propellerheads soft and create a rex file (I did not told him what the matter was ) ; then, translated with the SAGE Converter, I open it in RMX and... it worked rather fine ! Yeah ! filter, effects... all usable ! for example, assigning the mod wheel to "sample start" fader gives very interesting live sound variations.

    My little gift to you : here's a link from where you can download my first "RMX instrument" named SYNTH BASS ONE :

    Maybe few members will share with us some others "RMX instruments"

    Do Hope you'll enjoy !

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    Re: load/play custom instrument in RMX !!!

    Well, it wasn't intended to be used that way, but then many interesting ideas come from using something in a way that wasn't intended :-).

    - Glenn

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    Wink Re: load/play custom instrument in RMX !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by GlennO View Post
    Well, it wasn't intended to be used that way, but then many interesting ideas come from using something in a way that wasn't intended :-).

    - Glenn
    Thanks you Glenn for your kinds words ! that's good for you when about your very first post...
    If you're a RMX User, have/will you try that ? or do you prefer waiting for next Spectra release for trying - for instance - internals effects with some chromatic instruments ?


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    Re: load/play custom instrument in RMX !!!

    do you know who Glenn is?
    open stylus rmx and click the spectrasonics logo.
    Yes THAT glenn :-)
    who is probably very busy now coding even more features in omnisphere or what is to follow next...
    richard sven
    sound sculptist
    Nuendo 4.3 | Intel DP35DP : Intel Quad Core QX 6700 : 4GB RAM | Windows XP Pro SP3 | Lynx Two C | Midisport 2x2 | 2xUAD-1, UAD-2 Quad |

    Cubase 4.5.2 | MacBookPro 2.16 Ghz | 10.6.3 | 2GB | TC Konnekt 8

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    Re: load/play custom instrument in RMX !!!

    Zvenx, a big up for your precisions

    Hello, my name is Phil !
    I'm a long standing french electronic user ; I've been working in several music and PC builders stores for more than 20 years... I follow Eric works since his Roland S-50 demos on 3,5'' floppy disks
    I belong to his "first hour" customers (starting with Heart of Asia audio CD). There were a music world BEFORE Spectrasonics and another AFTER Spectrasonics ! I can't imagine my computer without Spectra's fantastic plugs and libraries ! I keep close contact with the Spectrasonics local french distributor ; I send from time to time emails to LES from Spectra support team (Hi, Les !)...
    Yes, I'm a forever Spectra' fan !

    So, thanks you one more time Zvenx and Glenn... Could it be possible to know who's who here, within this big forum (I'm coming from Spectra' link page) ; in case of posting ideas/suggestions/wishes to our favorite developpers

    Very happy to meet you, music brothers

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    Re: load/play custom instrument in RMX !!!

    Hi Glenn, if you read this :

    Here are some questions/suggestions recently posted to Les about Omnisphere ; what do you think about it ?

    Would it be possible - have you thought about - to enable access to the internal RMX/Omnisphere effect section so as to offer a great effect processing plugin ? like, for instance, STEINBERG Virtual Guitarist EE & 2 / Virtual Bassist...
    And in the same mood, would the fantastic arpeggio section control (all events, notes and CC) any other plugin ? like with STEINBERG Groove Agent where midi patterns can be used as midi source for another midi track. Or bigger, an all brand new "Arpeggio/Step Sequencer" Plugin with full interaction with Groove Control material of the other SPECTRA devices ??? :-))

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