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Topic: Study-Impromptu op.75 in C Minor

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    Study-Impromptu op.75 in C Minor


    Here's a piece I wrote in September:

    Study-Impromptu op.75 in C Minor

    Please comment.


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    Re: Study-Impromptu op.75 in C Minor

    The composition sounds fine - I think. But it's a bit hard to tell exactly what your ideas were, given the piano sound used in this demo. Some of the faster & more full passages are just flat out muddy/cluttered messes. However, I suspect that on a decent piano synth or a live instrument they would sound much better - just my educated guess from what I'm hearing here. Also, the piano's notes cut off far too quickly (even for a live piano with the pedal up). Do you have any other version (live recording or better piano synth rendition) of this piece to post?

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