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Topic: Best ethnic libraries?

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    Best ethnic libraries?

    I have an upcoming project that will require a lot of extremely varied ethnic styles, and right now I am trying to decide which ethnic packages would give me the most bang for my buck.

    Any suggestions?

    I am thinking very seriously about getting EWQL's RA (while sounds online has their 2-for-1 sale ), which is the most comprehensive and appealing ethnic package I have seen thus far.

    I just want to make sure I am aware of all the options out there.
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    Re: Best ethnic libraries?

    You can't get Ethnoworld 4 in the sale though. It only includes EWQL's own products, but yes those two along with Bela D's wind libraries are the best ethnic sounds out there.
    There's actually not that many ethnic libraries out there at all, the only ones I can think of that contains a loads of instruments is MOTU Ethno, ILIO Origins and Apple world jam pack (you need Logic for that).

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    Re: Best ethnic libraries?

    I'll second Ethno World 4. It's a sweet library and has a good mix of the more rare instruments found in other libraries.

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    Re: Best ethnic libraries?

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

    Unfortunately, Ethno world 4 is not included in sounds online's 2-for-1 deal, so I was thinking I would get RA and Colossus.
    Colossus doesn't have a lot of ethnic stuff RA doesn't have, but it does have a ton of various samples that should fill in the gaps in my personal library quite nicely.
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    Re: Best ethnic libraries?

    I don't think Colossus has ANY ethnic stuff that RA doesn't have but I could be wrong.
    If you are purely looking for ethnic sounds perhaps getting Gypsy instead of Colossus is worth considering.

    Another ethnic library with loads of stuff (although I'm not sure about the quality) is Ethnosphere http://www.backintimerecords.de/bitr047.htm

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    Re: Best ethnic libraries?

    any idea how long the sale lasts? couldn't find the info on the site.

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    Re: Best ethnic libraries?

    Colossus indeed has no new material over Ra. It DOES have a bunch of stuff that is redundant if you have Ra - most if not all of the ethnic instruments and ethnic percussion. I was actually rather disappointed with Colossus, as an owner of most previous-generation East/West libraries (eg. pre-PLAY.) The majority of the material is simply prepackaged. Even the "new" sounds are often just simple alterations to or layers combined from existing sounds culled from QLSO, Ra, etc.

    On the other hand, RA is amazing. One of the best sample libraries I have ever purchased. It has paid for itself several times over with its incredible sound quality and range of instruments.
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    Re: Best ethnic libraries?

    People tend to overlook them, but Chinee Kong's offerings (percussion, guzheng, winds) are just about the best bang for the buck I have ever had. I think I paid about $50 ea.

    For sheer quality? Anthology Spiritual Windows and Celtic Winds are unbeatable. You could get both for $300 or so and cover pretty much that gamut.

    And Flying Hand Percussion... it doesn't -seem- like a huge variety, but every instrument is a total winner, as opposed to -most- libs that have 300 'instruments' 90% of which are crap.

    AFA strings, I have no idea. That's my area so all samples sound crap to me.

    Best of luck!


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    Re: Best ethnic libraries?

    I thought about the Anthology series for winds, but I really needed a wider range of ethnic instruments.

    I'm getting Colossus (with RA)- not for it's ethnic material (which I understand is mostly just taken from RA) but because it represents a lot of different stuff that I have alomst none of.
    Namely, Percussion, guitars, jazz instruments, atmospheres, drones, keyboards, etc.

    But hey, it was free....I'm not gonna complain.
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