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Topic: Moving to New Server

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    Moving to New Server

    The time has come for us to move northersounds.com to a new server. During the move, northernsounds.com will stay open, but the forums will be in read-only mode, so you won't be able to post until everything propagates to the new server. This is a good time to browse through the over 9 years of posts. There might be DNS outages for some. If you do find that you cannot access northernsounds.com please visit northernsounds.net.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    Re: Moving to New Server

    Does this explain why over the past week I've often not been able to get onto the forum? Server overload?

    Hopefully the server change will "fix" this. I'm looooong hours at work, and try to "steal" a few minutes every night for NS, so when I can't get on I cry a lot.

    P.S. Any timeframe for the shutdown/lockout/withdrawal period?

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    Re: Moving to New Server

    It all feels a lot faster now.

    Very cool

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    Re: Moving to New Server

    Many compliments on a real "smooth operator" transition
    to the new server!

    This new one sure does fly pretty.

    My best,


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