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Topic: OT 128 Midi channels over a PC Network

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    OT 128 Midi channels over a PC Network

    I know this forum is for library discussion, but my guess is that many of us come here and maybe don\'t look at the other forums unless we have a problem, so I\'ve posted this OT stuff here as well for interest\'s sake. There are a couple of people trying this software, and if I hear any results I\'ll post them.

    Hey guys,
    I just found a post at the Yahoo Giga forum which pointed out a new product from a Russian company which has been doing midi plugins for Sonar and Cubase. They\'re called MusicLab and they\'re home page is here: http://www.musiclab.com/

    They have a programme called the MIDI Replicator Driver.

    Sounds like they started out designing it to get around the Windows \'Sorry that midi device is in use\' problem by applying a multiclient approach to windows midi devices, but then they expanded it to include sending midi over TCP/IP networks.

    The programme appears to allow up to 8 midi ports to operate over your network simultaneously.

    Thats 8x16 = 128 midi channels

    I know there have been a few \'midi over net\' type programmes, but they\'ve been limited in features.

    I\'m also wondering what the jitter would be on a network based midi transmission setup. Would it be worse than sending things across two good hardware midi interfaces, like my Unitor IIs?

    Is there a problem with time stamping midi packets over a network??

    Any chance of Tascam R&D taking a look at how effective this programme is compared to using a couple of good quality hardware midi interfaces? There\'s no point in using it if it makes latency sloppy.

    If it works well, it could be an inexpensive solution.

    I\'ve seen a lot of people complain about the cost of adding GSIF audio cards and Multiport hardware midi interfaces in order to run Giga on a separate PC.

    Maybe this could solve one of those quibbles.

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    Re: OT 128 Midi channels over a PC Network

    Wow!!! That looks EXTREMELY exciting!
    I don\'t know much about networking, but I should think it is pretty much latency-free? I\'m thinking about adding a 3rd gigastudio PC to my setup, and I could save some bucks if this software worked.

    Thank you for the information!


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    Re: OT 128 Midi channels over a PC Network

    Thomas I tried the demo-version yesterday and it worked fine. I replaced 16 MIDI channels in a project so that they used the LAN. I tried to copy one track from the now LAN-played MIDI to a regular MIDI channel. You could hear some phasing, which probably just means that the latency on the LAN is a few ms. different from the MIDI one. But like you, I am about to expand and am now pretty sure I\'ll go for LAN based MIDI for this new system. Will save me an 4 or 8-port MIDI interface! Great!!!

    I would be very interested in seing a test of latency on different channels though, and I think it was Chadwick that posted a note that a test was underway. If I get as little as 2-4ms jitter on LAN, it\'ll be perfect.

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