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Topic: Symphonic Poem - renewed

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    Symphonic Poem - renewed

    I did an almost complete new rendering, according to the facts and figures DPDAN told me. Not all, because of the deadline next Friday morning. The guy who got the first release (take #1) called me to talk it over next Friday. Maybe we get into the discussion how to let it performed by our residential orchestra.

    Please comment on this, but don't expect me to alter anything (no time). Since that phonecall, last Friday, I've worked almost 16 hours per day to get it done. Of course every other hour a little break to give my ears the necessary rest.

    Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    part 1: (10 minutes)The City - keywords: sunrise, traffic noise, quiet courts, royal palaces, houses of parliament, construction works .. all there is when walking along the city

    part 2: (5 minutes)The Silence - after the bombardment of a district of The Hgaue during WWII, people suddenly realized that everything they lived for vanished in ruins, their loved ones, houses, etc.... the grieve suddenly appears.

    part 3: (3 minutes)The Festivals - keywords: merry-go-rounds, fairs, dance.

    part 4: (9 minutes)Finale, a walk along the majestic nature of our city, forests, huge trees, flowers, parks .. sort of pastorale

    I did the best I could within the given time, but concluded for myself that when you have older work for revision, just start all over again with Modwheel info, various CC#'s like length, variation, etc. Never depend on the previous set control info. Pity I hadn't the time for it... so this is a compromise.

    When it comes to a real performance, I will tell you.


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    Re: Symphonic Poem - renewed

    This is a larger work, innovative and powerful in
    much of its statement; and one which I have followed
    with interest, Raymond. It was with much pleasure
    that I have listened through it in its entirety once
    again. This is grand work, my friend; I hope for, and
    think you will have, much success with it.

    Technically, I would say the rendering is much improved
    over some earlier that I had heard, quite good for the
    most part.

    I hope you will keep us posted on your progress with
    this -- it is, surely, work that deserves broader
    exposure and live performance.

    My best,


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    Re: Symphonic Poem - renewed

    Quite a huge project. I have heard this before, parts of it several times, and I am still of the same mind I was before - the whole thing is simply outstanding.

    As far as rendering goes – I agree with David that it sounds better than before. On a rare occasion I hear a very slight "machinegun" in the drums, but it is nothing to be concerned about - I think only people who work a lot with samples will notice, if even they do.

    I hope you do get this performed. Keep us informed on how things go with it.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Symphonic Poem - renewed

    Yesterday I had a great talk with some people who thought my Symphonic Poem was fit for using for the celebration of the The Hague Historical Archives 125 year jubilee(next year). After ample discussion we decided using only the first part for accompaning music at their website.

    I pointed out that many users only have those milkpacks as speakers, but they weren't convinced that the music itself demands more or less hifi systems. So I agreed. Of course I will tell them to mention my name as the composer of the piece.... once known.. who knows what the outcome in the future will be.

    It has to be performed by the students of the Conservatory, also due to some arguments (I forgot which ones). In any case I have to transform the original score (Overture) into a professionial looking paper.

    For that I have the "Practical Guide to preparing music manuscript" of Alan Boustead. I'll see how it goes. If you have any tips and clues, please tell me.

    That's all folks, for now. Any other news will be posted.


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