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Topic: Cubase and KP2

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    Cubase and KP2

    So, I finally installed KP2. I have been using KP1 ever since I bought GPO in 2005 and it has always been stable and reliable.
    I recently bought Finale 2008, which I use on another computer for notation. I saw the KP2 player and thought I would make the move over also on my main DAW machine.

    I installed KP2 player and started Cubase but when I loaded up a GPO VST instrument, the old KP1 player appeared. ~Sigh~

    Can anyone tell me what I may need to do to make Cubase use the KP2 player when I load the GPO VST?

    Many thanks
    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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    Re: Cubase and KP2


    The VST comes up under a new name. By default it is KontaktPlayer2, and it may sit in a NI/ subdirectory. Within it you can load JABB, COMB, GPO and other developer libraries all at the same time!


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    Re: Cubase and KP2

    Thanks Reegs,

    You got to reply to my query, just as I had figured out what I had to do. I had been looking for a KP2 .dll file with VST attached to it but, alas, they are not.

    Thank you all the same for taking the time to help me out.

    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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