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Topic: OT reactable - musical instrument

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    OT reactable - musical instrument

    Have you seen this?


    It is beyond words.
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    Re: OT reactable - musical instrument

    Björk used this live in this performance:


    Looks like a lot of fun to play with.
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    Re: OT reactable - musical instrument

    A Prediction for 2008
    New-fangled Controllers. We'll begin to see new controllers as software instruments get tactile and human interaction gets better. The bottle-neck in realism is no longer in the samples but in the limitations of input and human control. We'll see more affordable wind controllers, percussion, and controllers (like the Zen drum and Tenori). Keyboard controllers will improve bringing expression to the next level. Wii, Rock Band and Guitar Hero show us what could be done on a consumer level. New types of musical instrument controllers and integrated programming will push the envelope in terms of how we humans interact with samples and allow player immersion in new ways. Sample developers will develop for these new breed of instruments. ... Expect things coming from left field - some really interesting stuff that we'll all be in awe of. It's going to get wild and crazy.

    This looks like an adaptation of Microsoft Surface. And it's very cool

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    Re: OT reactable - musical instrument

    Problem is most of the consumers of these products find it difficult to keep up at times (like myself ). Yet, rob a bank ... cheat on your taxes ... eat less buy more ... make the kids all get jobs ... or give it up Charlie, you're all thumbs!

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    Re: OT reactable - musical instrument

    An affordable wind controller with a traditional instrument-like interface would be a very good thing.
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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    Re: OT reactable - musical instrument

    Is this like Kraft Lite? (Salad dressing) These are lite too!
    I control my diet with Kraft Lite - now I need Garritan Lite to control my sound
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