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Topic: Which Brass? EWQLSO Platinum, Vienna Brass 1, WIVI, SAM

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    Which Brass? EWQLSO Platinum, Vienna Brass 1, WIVI, SAM

    Hi guys, this is my dilemma, ( A good one I must add). I currently own EWQLSO Gold XP, Vienna Special Edition and Horizon Epic Horns.... I want to improve my brass libraries and with the Current anniversary East West 2 for 1 sale , Platinum has now come back into the picture....yes it's 24 bit, 3 mics etc but really what are the horns and brass like, will I be of a major advantage , or should I delve further into Vienna. Dont want to make this a flame war, I know they're both great libraries...but what is really the bottom line....For me the legatos even just in Special Edition give it that edge.

    Choices to buy
    Platinum XP upgrade from Gold XP- 2 for 1 sale
    Vienna Brass 1 or 2
    Sample Modelling the Trumpet ( Seidlazek Tommassini)
    Sam Trombones

    Just wondering whether Platinum XP is the way to go, or invest in the new trumpet library and some more Vienna. I do like the Special Edition brass and in particular I'm looking for good Trumpets Trombones and Horns. The Horizon Epics are wonderful. With Special Edition EXT there are Epic Horns 24 bit but to dish out $600 for just the Epics and other bits and pieces I am thinking go Standard Brass 1/2 or the Platinum. How are the horns in Platinum? What is eveyone using with good results? With these sales it's so easy to get sidelined and then spend money in the wrong areas becuase of the amazing deals being offered. I appreciate anyone's advice. I'll spend up to $700/800AUD upgrading EWQLSO or spend about the same amount and get the Trumpet and maybe add a little extra with Vienna. I was so close to buying WIVI but it does'nt really grab me with the realisitic side of things, it's great particularly with exp but not for what I need....thanks everyone.

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    Re: Which Brass? EWQLSO Platinum, Vienna Brass 1, WIVI, SAM

    Hey. I still use my SAM brass all of the time. I know people complain about the programming sometimes, but as far as finding realistic, biting brass sounds that don't sound wimpy I still have a hard time finding anything like it. Both Vienna and EWQL seem to sound okay in a mix, but for anything featured or soloed they seem to be geared to "blend" so well that the sounds always feel anemic to me. I own the full set of SAM sounds, but the solo instruments CD, which has trumpet, trombone, and french horn, is what I usually go to, and it was only around $100 when I got it. The new sample modeling trumpet sure has some impressive demos for being out such a short time...it is my next purchase! I've tried WIVI and it does okay, but IMHO it just isn't as realistic or flexible as I want. But for bones there just aren't a lot of great options. Good luck!

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    Re: Which Brass? EWQLSO Platinum, Vienna Brass 1, WIVI, SAM

    I would look into Westgate studios stuff.
    Love the sound of it.......
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    Re: Which Brass? EWQLSO Platinum, Vienna Brass 1, WIVI, SAM

    It seems as though most people are talking a lot about French Horns. Of course -- we all love French Horns!

    I am really interested in great-sounding, punchy trombones. Whose trombones are best?
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    Re: Which Brass? EWQLSO Platinum, Vienna Brass 1, WIVI, SAM

    I would look VERY seriously at WiVI.

    I no longer reach for East West, OR VSL, when it comes to orchestral brass, now that I have WiVI.

    Granted, you don't have some of the idiomatic performances you get from sample libraries (like French Horn rips, etc...), but for your basic legato and staccato type sounds, with loads of dynamics and expressiveness, no sample library can compete, imo.

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    Re: Which Brass? EWQLSO Platinum, Vienna Brass 1, WIVI, SAM

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaimo View Post
    I would look VERY seriously at WiVI.
    Yes! I was disappointed with my first couple of WiVI purchases (horns and oboes), till I got around to figuring out how to work them. By the time I bought the trumpets I knew just what tweaks to make to the presets and was the opposite of disappointed.


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    Re: Which Brass? EWQLSO Platinum, Vienna Brass 1, WIVI, SAM

    It definitely depends what mood I'm in but I usually use a combination of WIVI, East West, Project SAM and Westgate Horns.

    WIVI can just about do everything but you need to know how to get the best out of it. Generally I find it fine for smooth legato parts but if you want more blaring sounds or tight staccato then you need to work a little harder. (double up with stopped and muted instruments, bring the 'audience' onto the stage, etc).

    Generally I'll use WIVI for everything but sometimes it's easier to drop articulations in from other libraries.

    The Trumpet is amazing but I'm planning to use it more for jazz solos than in this kind of orchestral context.

    JohnG, I've found for trombones that WIVI usually sounds great for legato melodies but I usually add in EW and/or Project SAM for trombone staccato hits. Actually my favourite for hits is that free Project SAM 'trombone and piano hits' library.

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