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Topic: Just a suggestion about the Steinway

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    Lightbulb Just a suggestion about the Steinway

    I'm sure this doesn't have any chance of actually happening, but I'm going to suggest it anyway, just so you know there are people out here who would appreciate it.

    Instead of bundling the different perspectives (and bit depths) together in a huge, expensive bundle, make them available singly, so the customer could buy just the ones he/she needed.

    For example, I would love the 24-bit player perspective, because that's the one I would use. But the only way to get it is to spend $400 and also get 4 other perspectives (and the 16-bit versions of all 5 of them) that I don't want. Needless to say, that's not going to happen, whereas I would pay $100-$150 for just the one I want in a New York minute. It would be the last piano sample set I'd ever need to buy.

    Just a suggestion from a GPO owner. Great job on the sampling, it sounds absolutely fantastic.

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    Re: Just a suggestion about the Steinway

    I made a suggestion like this regarding the coming Choir package. It does not sound like an unreasonable request to me.
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    Re: Just a suggestion about the Steinway

    I agree 100%

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    Re: Just a suggestion about the Steinway

    I thnk it is unreasonable.

    There is clearly a lot of technology and investment gone into this production and I can understand there is a need to amortize that across the user community.

    The real core value is not in each of the perspectives but in the quality of the samples and the collection of the perspectives. There needs to be a point of differentiation that enables the vendor to preserve the premium, while still maintaining the Garritan philosophy of making stuff available.

    Of course you would buy one perspective for 150 bucks. Except it wouldn't be $150, it would be $340 or more. This was exactly what happened with Microsoft Office - at first the individual products were sold at such a price vis-a-vis the suite that it was a no-brainer to buy the suite.

    Having heard the library I certainly want to get it, and at the moment having just re-entered the workforce it is not possible for me, but I will earn it and when I do I will do it justice by paying for it.

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    Re: Just a suggestion about the Steinway

    +1 on player perspective Basic Edition. I would take the risk and buy and download that today.

    Every piano library I have bought sounds different under the fingers than the demos - mp3, WAV, even those downloadable 2 octave playable-sample demos. If the player perspective did it for me, i'd gladly pay the other $300 to "amortize" the cost and get the extra samples, but I can't afford to buy the Pro Edition on the off chance it works for me (ditto EWQL Pianos).

    I understand the developers need to cover the development costs, and I'd pay anything up to real piano money for a library that I could lose myself in - I've got at least £1000 of not-in-use piano libraries on the shelf!

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    Re: Just a suggestion about the Steinway

    Thanks for sharing your opinion guys.

    I have to say I don't find the stuff about development costs very convincing. That's built into the price already, and would no doubt be built into the price to exactly the same extent if it were split into individual perspectives. If nobody buys a couple of them, that's a pretty good hint to the dev that those are the 'filler' that no one wants, and no one should be paying for them either way.

    Now, I doubt very much any of this library is 'filler' in that way, which is another reason I don't find it a very convincing argument. These are high-quality sample sets. Someone will buy those perspectives and use them, because that's what they need.

    I'll keep my eyes open for a sale. Somone on the Cake forums was saying there was a go-around where it was available for 40% off. I would probably buy it (pro) at that price, so I'll keep an eye open for if it happens again.

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