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Topic: Solo Trumpet Duet

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    Talking Solo Trumpet Duet

    Ha, I just want to play the trumpet like this guy is doing:


    Can you?
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    Re: Solo Trumpet Duet

    Not easy!

    I thought he was going to stick to thirds only, as the embrochure wouldn't have to vary too much from the left to the right part of the lips. Then the harmony part went down to a sixth below in the medium-low range of the instrument, and I didn't know what to think. Does this guy have two mouths?
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    Re: Solo Trumpet Duet

    We have a (boast boast ) a resident trumpet player (Nelson Starr) who has form time to time picked up two and play them in harmony. First time I saw it I couldn't believe. Now, if we can only get percussionist to play with two sticks.

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    Re: Solo Trumpet Duet

    Actually, it's not really all that difficult. Years ago, when I had some brass chops, several of us in college used to experiment with playing 2 trumpets at the same time. It's an acquired skill but really came quite easily for us. Sadly, that was then and this is now.

    Fun piece to watch - thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Solo Trumpet Duet

    I almost believed it until we got to the nose and ear embouchures. Nice Millie Vannillie copy!
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