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Topic: Question about mp3 file hosting

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    Question Question about mp3 file hosting

    Folks, would it be possible for someone to let me know of web sites where I may be able to place some .mp3s of music that I have either played, arranged, etc. and recorded, for the purpose of sharing them with friends and family? I'm not talking about illegal file sharing, but I would love to record a few arrangements (once the new Steinway arrives), put them up somewhere on the web, and point folks to the URL.
    Most email systems don't provide enough space for me to send .mp3 files.

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Re: Question about mp3 file hosting

    I used to use minorcrisis.net, and was very happy. Then they simply vanished without warning, taking my files down with them. Recently they've reappeared as www.mp3space.com but I haven't used them again yet, so I wouldn't want to recommend them.

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