I have been recording Samples, 4 tracks at a time on a VS-2480.
2 close and 2 room.

I have all these files that are about an hour long each
and I open them in wavelab and wavelab does not allow
editing of multiple tracks even in Montage view..???(this was confirmed)

I open the files in Nuendo and chop up a ton of files
4 tracks at a time by trimming and splitting at cursor for all 4 tracks at a time ect.

The problem is Nuendo does not have a "simple" way to
save all the "NEW" audio files as new edited files.. (that I or support are aware of)

so I wind up with the same original files in the project
folder and no new shorter edited files..

I spoke with steinberg support and I guess there is a way to do this by
manually selecting each region and manually
bouncing each track. There has to be a much quicker way to do this..
I am working with over an hour of material in this project.

For my next sessions I will be making smaller projects for each sample.
Even then it would be a godsend to be able to somehow get new edited files
saved out of these new projects without having to select regions and bounce each track.
In Audition I can do this automatically. ( I want to do this in my main daw nuendo)