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Topic: OT - Creative

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    OT - Creative

    A Brazilian developer threatened with legal action by Creative for making its soundcards work better with Vista has had his work reinstated on the company's website.

    Daniel Kawakami, better known by the moniker Daniel_K, modified a range of Creative's drivers to make the company's soundcards work smoothly with Windows Vista.

    Without his modifications, users argue, Vista machines with Creative soundcards crash and features fail to work.

    Posting a forum message on its website last weekend, Creative threatened Daniel_K with legal action, accusing him of infringing its intellectual property. The company removed forum posts from the developer containing links to his work.

    The move backfired big time, generating a media firestorm and howls of protests from outraged users on technology forums across the web.

    Guess what, Creative has reinstated Daniel_K's posts.

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    Re: OT - Creative

    It's interesting to me how the impact of the Internet has brought about changes in corporate behavior. Now that an international spotlight can be brightly shined on improper or selfish tactics, both corporations and individuals alike are forced to start doing the "right thing" instead of the immediately convenient or profitable thing. Maybe after a few generations, this concept of "Do unto others" might finally take hold. It's a sad comment that public shame and the fear of getting caught are the motivations behind this movement, but if that's what it takes, then so be it. Do the right thing in the first place.
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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