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Topic: Akai vs. Giga formats?

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    Akai vs. Giga formats?

    I have a question for some of you sampling veterans out there. What is the main difference between an Akai sample and a Giga sample? If I were to get an Akai sample and import it into Giga format, what would I be missing? If I could get the Akai sample significantly cheaper, would it be worth it?

    Any opinions would be welcome. thanks a lot.

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    Re: Akai vs. Giga formats?

    One more thing, have any of you used the Chicken Translator program to translate Akai to Giga, and does it actually do a better job than the S-Convertor, like they claim to?

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    Re: Akai vs. Giga formats?

    Hi Vertigo,
    Some of the Akai samples don\'t sound too bad, but the conversions to GSt are not as good as the best GSt libraries:

    1) GigaSampler allows velocity mapping, so you can actually get a different sound based on how hard you hit your MIDI Controller.

    2) GigaSampler can play samples larger than memory, so you can use much larger and longer samples.

    3) GigaSampler allows release triggers, so you can get a different sample when you release the key also.

    All of these things combine to make a better sound that you don\'t get (in my experience) from an Akai conversion.


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    Re: Akai vs. Giga formats?

    I am going through the Akai to giga conversion process these days...the main thing is to have a decent conversion utility. S-converter isn\'t bad but I work with CDxtract and i think both are usefull. I still do compare the converted sound with the same sound loaded in an Akai S-3000xl to make sure the conversion is adequate but i end up tweaking the converted version to match the original. Also wort mentioning, I fing that the DA converters from the Akai have a bit more \"punch\" to the sound than the one from my audio card which have a \"flatter\" response...I guess it depends on your audio card also. I use the Egosys wami rack 24.
    Bottom line, a native giga library is probably better than a converted Akai one.



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    Re: Akai vs. Giga formats?

    Dear Vertigo:

    The pathway to sample-format-conversion nirvana is fraught with uncertainty and complexity. Nevertheless, I would like to share with you some practical points that have helped me on my pilgrimage. I currently use two hardware samplers (Akai s-5000 and Korg Triton) as well as Gigasampler. I have converted many libraries from Akai and Roland formats into giga with great success.

    I have found the akai converter in gigastudio to be useful for the majority of libraries. CDextract is also a great tool and it will convert Roland libraries. Of course, tweaking your programs to your taste is a must. Some libraries convert poorly and require in depth examination of the file structure etc. An example is East West Ultimate piano collection CD. Troublesome!

    Chickensys Translator is a great tool as well, especially for converting into Korg Triton format. Its akai to giga is good as well, but I prefer CDextract for this. Awave studio also converts giga progs into Triton. You probably have no need for these at present.

    If a library is available in both Giga and Akai, I would suggest getting the Giga version, because of the extensive programming options. But if you are getting Akai libraries real cheap then give the AKAI library a try. An exception would be something like Peter Siedleczeks Advanced Orchestra in which the Giga version is so much easier to use than the AKAI that I would go with the giga every time.

    If you have specific libraries you wish to purchase, let me know and I will find out as much as I can about conversion and compatibilty.

    Good luck!


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