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Topic: D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movement 1

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    D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movements 1,2

    Hello everybody.
    Here is my attempt to perform the piece with Xsample strings:
    on Soundclick
    For those who doesn't want to register, here is the link
    Just click "Play Artist Radio" on the left.
    on Acidplanet

    Completed the 2nd movement.
    Thank you,
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    Re: D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movement 1

    I don't know this piece but i like what I'm earing. I though the long sus notes starting at 0:54 seconds (not the melody)were a bit static, maybe riding the volume or the expression would help. Or maybe that's how it's suppose to be.

    These strings have a beautiful tone for the genre. I might have to get the cross grade offer.

    Good job! and thanks for posting.

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    Re: D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movement 1

    Does Shostakovitch justice.....well done..........

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    Re: D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movement 1

    Thank you all for listening and comments.

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    Re: D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movements 1,2

    Quote Originally Posted by sfiks View Post
    Completed the 2nd movement.

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    Re: D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movement 1

    That's great work slava, the sounds are good and you brought them to life...

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    Re: D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movement 1

    Hi Slava,

    I like what I'm listening. I know that Xsamples are a little bit underground, but here there is solid proof of what can be done! Both movements sound very nice. In terms of sound (not programming, which seems very good to my ears), the cello seems to be suffering a little. Legato in all instruments actually sounds rather, as well as the short notes and staccato. Portamento is missing (I have various recordings of the same quartet and most add quite a bit of portamento in the 1st movement).

    Hem, around 5:30, is there some error in the notes in the 1st and 2nd violin? Can't be sure without the score in front (it's in Greece, I'm still stuck in London), but it sounded like they should be a semitone higher? And other very small details about pitches here and there. This is a midi found on the Internet? You inputed all notes from the score? If I may ask.

    And second question, if I may. Xsample is advertising mainly playing in Finale; This recording was done in Finale or through a sequencer.

    Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of work and your wonderful work as well! (as well as 'exposing' the very nice samples of XSample).

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    Re: D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movement 1

    Quote Originally Posted by tradivoro View Post
    That's great work slava, the sounds are good and you brought them to life...
    Thank you, tradivoro. It's pleasant to hear.

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    Re: D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movement 1

    Hey, nikolas.
    Thank you for the detailed reply. I'll try to answer your questions, as they say, "in order they're received"

    Could you please be more specific about "missing portamento".

    At 5:30 (measure 175 of score) 2nd Violino plays h flat.
    At the same time 1st one plays h natural (h bekar in score) - maybe that m2 sounded as an error to you.
    Several parallel m2s (Viola and Violoncello) may also sound "dirty" (at 05:03 -04).

    All notes (including keyswitches) were entered one by one from the score in Sonar using Kontakt version of Xsamples.

    I'd also like to know what are those "very small details about pitches here and there" - it's very easy to check and correct - you know...

    Thanks for your time and close listening,
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    Re: D. Shostakovich. Quartet #8, movement 1


    I know I will dissapoint you, but unfortunately at this moment there's nothing I can do to check on anything. What I mentioned was by pure memory, from a recording I have in a CD, from a russian quartet, which the name I don't remember right now!

    EDIT: http://www.amazon.com/Dmitri-Shostak...496699&sr=8-16

    Borodin quartet.

    I'm effectively moving out of London towards Athens, and the movers will pick up the stuff TOMORROW! So as you can understand all I'm left is a laptop and 20 boxes... So no score, no CD, no CD player, no monitors, just a laptop... :-/

    The portamento is more evident in the first movement, but if I recall (could be off, please, don't take this as definite, not at all), the 1st movement has all those legato slurs in two notes, and some performances do add a bit of portamento there. Again not sure, but either way this is what I felt. I won't be able to check and compaire until much later into the summer. It could be really a matter of preferance.

    The 5:33 (heard again and I think that's the place) is where I mean, sorry for the wrong timing before. I still can't double check, but I opened youtube to really hear, if I'm right or wrong (mind plays various tricks...) listening right now...


    corresponding part in youtube around 6:27. The 2nd half of the melody (no notes, not sure if it is on C minor), after the main theme DEbCB, sounds in your (magnificent and very well made, I have to say that, to repeat it, since I've been listening to the amazong player and youtube and yours shines as well!) performance!

    Now, I'm just wondering, I could be wrong... :-/ please let me know, and I hope you don't mind this!

    The other pitch issues, I'll have to sit more closely, once with monitors again (even my trusty headphones are packed now), and have a listen with the score.

    On the point now, I think it sounds great. right into character and very well performed (notice I mention perfomed, instead of rendering? It's one of the few cases, like with JBAcal, where I think you people are making new performances not just a 'simple' rendering in the computer...)


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