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Topic: MIDI Over Lan on dual boot system

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    MIDI Over Lan on dual boot system

    I'm running MOL on 4 computers. I recently set up a dual boot system with WXP and WXP 64 bit on the fourth computer, but I cannot install MOL on the newly installed XP 64 platform. When I try to install it, I get a message that the driver is already loaded and I have to remove it before I try installing it. When I do this, it removes MOL from the initial WXP set up.

    Anyone have any ideas how to remedy this?

    Eventually I'd like to migrate all my programs to the 64 bit version once I know they work, but without a MIDI configuration I can't proceed.


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    Re: MIDI Over Lan on dual boot system

    Just in case anyone is interested...

    I think I found the answer to this. I'll probably have to upgrage my MOL because the version I have does not work on WXP 64 bit.


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    Re: MIDI Over Lan on dual boot system

    Indeed, you'll need to update your MoL.

    MIDIoverLAN CP Version
    Windows Vista (64-bit) is now supported (PC).

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