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Topic: Santana Nights

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    Santana Nights

    On September of 07’, I was approached by a good friend and excellent guitarist, and asked to collaborate with him on a project he had an idea for. The project itself was a major undertaking, because I had really no experience in composing any Latin/Cuban style music. We talked for a few weeks and I finally agreed to meet him in his studio in Lexington. When I arrived, I was blown away to see a huge, complete recording/mixing studio housed in a section of a warehouse that had been renovated. I was introduced to a few of his friends who he closely works with and has regular “jam” sessions. We sat and discussed ideas; style, flavor etc. and I began to come up with sparks of inspiration. Over the course of 7 months, we all worked back and forth on various ideas until we had a solid foundation.

    Well, after a long 7 months, I am happy to say the project is finally finished. We all agreed that Carlos Santana was the course of our inspiration so, this, the final result, is somewhat of a tribute to the man.

    This was recorded in Lexington with live guitar, bass, keyboard, flute and sax. The percussion used in this recording is from various sample libraries.


    John Aker- Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

    Michael Scott Volo- Lead, Rhythm, Wah Guitar

    Jeffery Banes- Flute, Sax


    Yellow Tools
    Fruity Loops


    © Recorded in Lexington at Volo Studio

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    Thumbs up Re: Santana Nights

    Great John!

    Santana is one of my favorite bands... you have created some blissful groove there I must say!!

    Santana was one of the many favorite bands during my teenage years around 1969... I remember the Woodstock festival... when Santana played "Soul Sacrifice"... it was almost as good as Jimi Hendrix Great job John... wish I could join the groove on the drums!


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    Re: Santana Nights

    Great interpretation of the genre. Very nice guitar tones and swirly keyboards.
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: Santana Nights

    John, just golden work on this.

    Loved it!

    Hope we'll hear you back with more in this genre...



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    Re: Santana Nights


    In my senoir year of high school in 1976, my art teacher had Abaraxas and played it constantly thru the year. I have since bought and played out 4-5 copies of my own. I think Carlos is better than Jimi anyday.

    This work is in the true vein of his music

    Well done


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