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Topic: Ric Flauding: Other Pieces In The Series...

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    Ric Flauding: Other Pieces In The Series...

    "SOUNDTRACKS FOR A SAVIOR": Cinematic Symphonic Orchestra Series.
    Flauding Music Publishing.

    "Jesus Wept":

    "The First Noel":

    "Christmas Coronation (We Three Kings)":

    All Music Arranged/Composed,Orchestrated & Performed by Richard Flauding.
    (c) (p) 2008 Richard G. Flauding / "Flauding Music".
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    Re: Ric Flauding: Other Pieces In The Series...

    "Jesus Wept":

    Cinematic is correct. Long sweeping brushes of lush sounds penetrate the soul.

    "The First Noel":

    Wow, Christmas can't get here fast enough! A beautiful production and interpretation.

    "Christmas Coronation (We Three Kings)":

    It creates renewal and casts a day's burden aside by the humble and cheerful sounds created.
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    Re: Ric Flauding: Other Pieces In The Series...

    Cinematic, indeed! Beautiful job on all of
    these, Ric. The arranging and orchestration
    is superb.

    I think I might suggest just a slightly lesser
    hand on the reverb -- the writing in these is
    gorgeous, but it obscures some of the detail,
    that to me, is so well worth hearing clearly.

    My best,


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    Re: Ric Flauding: Other Pieces In The Series...


    Every time I listen to your music I feel I'm transported to another place in another time. All three of these tunes are wonderful. Your orchestrations are just fabulous! There's so much creativity in your writing. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

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