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Topic: Garritan Strad and GoFriller

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    Garritan Strad and GoFriller

    I am not on the forum often so I may easily have missed it, but where did Garritan Stradivarius and GoFriller Cello Programs go. I can't seem to order on garritan.com and no one lists them.
    Are there problems they are working on?
    Will they be back?

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    Re: Garritan Strad and GoFriller

    Hi frees0ngz,

    The Stradivarius Violin and Gofriller Cello were discontinued earlier this year. Some retailers still may have one or two remaining copies, and eBay might turn up an option, but that's unfortunately about it.

    Advanced solo strings that take advantage of Aria DSP will likely be included in future Garritan releases.


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