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Topic: Arturia Brass

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    Arturia Brass

    There seems to be a lot of discussion about Brass VI and I noticed no one mentions Arturia's Brass. I was considering purchasing it. Has anyone had any experience with it?

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    Re: Arturia Brass

    If you go onto the Arturia forums, you can get an idea of how people feel about it. IIRC, some people thought the trombone was decent, the trumpet a little less so (or maybe it was opposite), and the saxophones were horrible, nasal, buzzy things.

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    Re: Arturia Brass

    It requires a dongel -- which is a deal breaker for me. I've seen too many systems brought to their knees by this antiquated approach to copy protection.

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    Re: Arturia Brass

    Thank you all for the feedback. It's hard to tell. The demos on their website sound great.

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    Re: Arturia Brass

    The demos on their website sound great.
    Are you joking ?

    I've visited their website yesterday to check if they improved this VI and for me it stilll awfull.

    Did you listen to the demo of The Trumpet (sample modeling) ?
    It's 10 times better and cheaper

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    Re: Arturia Brass

    I've just visited their forum after my last post
    Very inactive forum. This product is 3 years old now.
    My favorit post is this one :http://forums.arturia.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1666

    Believe me if you want but i really like modelisation (i like synful, i like pianoteq). For me this is the future (may be more the mix of samples and modelisation like "the trumpet", "stradivarius" and "Gofriller") but this VI is far away from the reality.

    Before buying it's good to try (you can download a full fonction version of this VI) and to look at the forum (especially for user song demo).

    Now the decision belongs to you...

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    Re: Arturia Brass

    As it happens, I have Arturia's Brass and have used it to rather good effect on more than one occasion. It's got A LOT of weaknesses, yes, but like with all these type of instruments, you've got to discover its idiomatic power and concentrate on its strong points and, seriously, Brass has got a few of those as well. It can do a few things that no other brass simulator - not even The Trumpet, WIVI or FableSounds' BBB - can do.
    But be that as it may and knowing what I know today, I don't think I'd buy it again should that matter come up for consideration, nor would I strongly recommend it. Not in the state that it is currently in anyway.


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    Re: Arturia Brass

    It can do a few things that no other brass simulator - not even The Trumpet, WIVI or FableSounds' BBB - can do.
    Interresting !

    Can you give more details about this ?

    I've heard some music played with vl70m (+ the material patch) and an ewi that sounds really incredible.

    Is it about something like this ? (i.e realism on the expression)

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    Re: Arturia Brass

    It's difficult to describe, but you can create these rather nice 'overblown' notes with Brass, something I haven't been able to do with any other virtual instrument. It's also quite good at very characteristic pitch instabilities and 'stepped' pitchbends. All these things may sound like performance flaws - and in classical repertoire, they undoubtedly are - but even so, they can a lot of life to a trumpet part.
    Here's a little example: ReBop (a piece which I posted before, a few months ago). The core sound may not be as convincing as what, say, The Trumpet delivers, but other than that, I think the Arturia trumpet doesn't make a too embarrassing appearance here.


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    Re: Arturia Brass

    Quote Originally Posted by valouz View Post
    I've just visited their forum after my last post. Very inactive forum.
    Most of the Brass talk wasn't in the Brass section on that forum. It was under the Free Speech section, and there are a number of threads about it one can try to find. Probably the most pertinent is the "First Impressions" thread located here:


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