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Topic: Problems with GPO and Sibelius 4

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    Problems with GPO and Sibelius 4

    Hi, I'm really struggling to get my compositions out of sibelius and hear them using the GPO sounds, I've tried using Studio but it won't recognise that I have installed the GPO library. Is there anything i can get or do to bridge the gap between sibelius and GPO?
    I have GPO version 3.0, Sibelius 4.0 and Kontakt Player 2, running on Windows XP


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    Re: Problems with GPO and Sibelius 4

    I maybe wrong, but somewhere I've read that Studio doens't work with KP2 player.............


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    Re: Problems with GPO and Sibelius 4

    Raymond is correct. Studio does not work KP2. But, you shouldn't need it anyhow. Download either Midi-Yoke or Maple Midi Tools. These programs will install "virtual midi ports" you can use to link applications. Simply select that midi port/channel as an output in Sibelius from the mixer. Then, in the Kontakt Player 2 standalone, under File>Setup>MIDI, enable it from the list. Note that only the top four enabled ports will be usable and will be lettered A to D in top-down order. Load a GPO instrument, select the proper port/channel combination to match Sibelius, and you should be good to go!


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    Re: Problems with GPO and Sibelius 4

    Thanks Reegs, that seems to have done the trick. I was worried I might have to buy an expensive sequencer or something.
    I'm just waiting on my order for more RAM before i can test it out properly. It keeps crashing at the moment.

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