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Topic: Problem with piano samples. Help?

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    Problem with piano samples. Help?

    I've got a problem and I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with it.

    I have a number of piano libraries and they all seem to exhibit the same problem of producing a ringing sort of distortion in the mid to upper registers. I don't think the problem is the samples themselves, since I'm also using True Pianos, which is modeled and exhibits the same behavior.

    what I'm thinking is that it might have something to do with the software playing the samples, but I don't know for sure as it isn't all the same software.

    By the way, I've pretty well ruled out any hardware as the source of the problem.

    Anyway, has anyone ever encountered something like this? Any ideas on how I might remedy the problem? It only really matters because I really like True Pianos and I want to be able to use it without being distracted by this problem.


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    Re: Problem with piano samples. Help?

    well, it's nice that you've ruled out hardware issues, but I don't believe it! What is your monitoring situation? What are you using for monitors? Is this a tuned studio or your living room? Have you tried listening to a disk of solo live real piano, testing for the same artifact?

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    Re: Problem with piano samples. Help?

    Unless it's something with the computer itself, I'm saying it isn't hardware because I've swapped out everything in the signal chain except for the computer and the artifacts are still present. I would assume it isn't the computer, because I don't hear the artifacts on everything, just sampled/modeled piano sounds. If it were the computer, wouldn't it show up on everything?

    As far as monitoring, I'm using a DaviSound reference amp feeding Mission speakers. Initially I thought the problem was with the Amp, but I recently ruled that out when I was able to detect the artifacts using headphones driven by a headphone amp.

    The studio is a spare bedroom, which is untreated, but the acoustics shouldn't be a factor in this issue, since I can detect the problem with headphones.

    Anyway, I haven't had the opportunity to listen to a recording of a real piano, however I plan to do so as soon as I get my hands on one. Hopefully this weekend.

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    Re: Problem with piano samples. Help?

    Hmmm...just discovered that the problem isn't isolated to sampled pianos. It seems they just have a certain characteristic that brings it out more. I was able to hear it on clean guitar played in upper registers aswell, so I guess you're right. It must be a hardware issue. Time to try switching out the computer, I suppose.

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    Re: Problem with piano samples. Help?

    Never heard of the amp or monitors... are they home stereo equipment?

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    Re: Problem with piano samples. Help?

    It may simply be that the room you're in has quite a wide band of resonant frequencies. The electric piano that I practise on is in a corner of our dining room, and I get the same effect over about 2 octaves from Ab3.

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    Re: Problem with piano samples. Help?

    Does it sounds like that through headphones ?
    If yes, I heard about similar problem with a soundcard with bad frequency selection, or within Gigastudio : not enough bit depth setting.
    Which soundcard are you using ?

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    Re: Problem with piano samples. Help?

    The amp is made by Hayne Davis of Davisound. He makes excellent equipment if you like transparent. I can't tell you much about the monitors, except they work exceptionally well for the price.

    I did hear it with headphones on. So it isn't an acoustic factor. I also am hearing it with two different sound cards; an Audiophile 2496 and a Line6 TonePort I'm borrowing. What do you mean by bad frequency selection? Something like running 44.1 when the samples are 48?

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    Re: Problem with piano samples. Help?

    Hey, did you try it with headphones? Just joking. I'm imitating the other people who don't bother to read posts before posting themselves.

    Another thing to check is if it does it with a single note, or whether you need to play heavy chords. I don't know how much digital headroom your setup can handle. And if the distortion is in only one ear, try swapping left and right cables and see if it moves.

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    Re: Problem with piano samples. Help?

    hmmm. This sounds vexing! If you are hearing it on the speakers, headphones, through different soundcards, and with different source material...that's strange. You still need to try a straight recording though. This is probably something you can't diagnose online....but in my experience, 90% of all problems end up being cable problems.

    One last question: does anyone else hear this distortion, or is it just you??

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