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Topic: Where did everyone go?

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    Where did everyone go?

    I was one of the first on board with the Gigasampler and then later Gigastudio and used to come to this forum a lot over a few years from Gigasampler to the beginning release of Gigastudio 3.
    At this time there were so many threads,with alot of activity, just wondering where everyone went?

    Have that many people lost interest in Gigastudio or have they gone to another site?

    Oh another question,I use dual video monitors on one computer running Cakewalk Sonar and having two monitors really helps.
    Sonar has so many functions it is nice to split them between the two monitors.

    I have Gigastudio on a seperate computer.
    I'm asking anyone that has extensively worked with Gigastudio,are they finding a better work flow or any advantage in having two video monitors for Gigastudio?

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    Re: Where did everyone go?

    Hi Ken,

    I'm also running GS on a dedicated machine(s). I've never seen a need for extra monitor space for GS, but probably because I load up a template and tweak it as I go and really spend almost all of my time looking at Sonar when I'm working.


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    Re: Where did everyone go?

    I'm with Steve. As long as your monitor has enough pixels, there's no need for a second monitor for GS. Sample developers might feel otherwise though...

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    Re: Where did everyone go?

    Well, I use Gs3/GVI on a daily basis. It's my main sampler, but recently bought a kontakt player 2 based library which knocked me out.

    So I take the plunge and get Kontakt 3 as an addition. I think both will complement each other.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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