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Topic: I think I have to reinstall my computer!

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    Thumbs down I think I have to reinstall my computer!

    What will happend to my GPO? Isn't it so that I only have two installations or something like that? Will this consume one of them? And what if something happens again? Will I then have to buy a new licence?
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    Re: I think I have to reinstall my computer!

    As long as the hardware all stays the same, the request code generated by the GPO player should also be the same - at least that seemed to happen on my laptop.

    I actually found out the bad way. I thought the code was going to be different, so I deactivated my authorisation prior to rebuilding the machine. Then I rebuilt it, installed GPO, got my request code, went to the NI site, and was told that the request code was for a hardware profile that had been deactivated, and could not be reactivated. I had to wait until the player was updated to be able to install it again.

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