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Topic: Playing PCM / Uncompressed Waves

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    Playing PCM / Uncompressed Waves


    I've just started examining Cubase SX and written a one minute piece. It sounds great when playing it back in Cubase, but of course I want to export the whole thing into wav or mp3.
    Creating an audio mixdown file in Cubase gives absolutely horrible results unless I choose PCM / Uncompressed Waves as a file format. The thing with these waves is that Windows Media Player seems to be unable to play them...?

    I can't possibly be missing a codec for playing back uncompressed waves... right? What's going on here?

    Also, not sure if this is the right forum for this...?
    -- Mr. Kej

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    Re: Playing PCM / Uncompressed Waves

    The most common reason for an uncompressed Wave/.WAV file to not play in Media Player is for it to have a bit-depth other than 16-bit. Windows Media Player does not currently support 24-bit files for instance.

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