hi, we (3typen) try to do some music/fx for games & trailers and downloaded official trailers and replaced the original music and fx with our own work.

Mostly the trailers are left original. Only GTA and Burnout Paradise are edited cause they're made from several Trailers.

If you want you are invited to take a look at different kind of trailers (MMPG, Egoshooter, Racing Game, Cartoon Games, Sandboxgames), styles (Classical, Metal, Noize, Dance, Comic, Hiphop, Rock) and music over here:

Halo Wars, Resistance FOM, Battlefield 2142, Ridge Race 6, Looney Tunes, GTAIV and a funny one for Burnout Paradise

for some reason the music on the site is only allowed in mono :-)

Thanks for watching in advance, hope you enjoy the music

Resistance is futile

sincerly yours