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Topic: Order and Chaos

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    Order and Chaos

    Last year I was posting a Symphonic piece in 4 movements. I forgot to post the final movement.

    This entire piece was about an Army leaving a city, camping out and then partying a little before the night of the battle.

    This movement is the battle and the victory. The piece ,well, I don't want to say too much.

    Here it is
    Order and Chaos ( the 4th Movement)

    The Road to Victory (the 1st Movement)

    Sunrise over the Meadow (the 2nd Movement)

    Celebration of Life ( the 3rd Movement)

    Any and all comments are welcome.


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    Re: Order and Chaos

    I remember these Ron. Back in the old days on the "other" forum. Yes, this is good and I did enjoy but what I am noticing in some of your writing, especially this one, is the "engine". You seem to have this propulsion and drive to your compositions; as if we are listening to only the shock waves of an explosion. ... a churning.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Order and Chaos

    Hey Michael

    Even shockwaves from explosions need to be put to music, right?

    Thank you my friend for taking care of the zero!!

    Don't ever feel obligated. I know how that feels and that is when it is break time.


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    Re: Order and Chaos

    Hi Ron,

    I think the first movements of this served as my introduction to your music. It makes me remember why I was so drawn to your stuff: the quirky creativity of it, some very thoughtful "out of the mainstream" orchestration choices, a sense of anger and innocence happening simultaneously. These have become some of the characteristics that contribute to the unique signature of your music.

    You've developed a really effective technique of bringing your music to life within Sonar. While I don't think using a sequencer -- in and of itself -- has made you more creative, I think it's definitely helped to fertilize the great ideas that are already sprouting in that slightly twisted brain of yours.

    I continue to be completely intrigued by everything you turn out, this being no exception. Once the frantic schedule of being a college student wanes, I can't imagine what you'll be coming up with then!

    Great stuff as usual, my friend!


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    Re: Order and Chaos


    Very prolific indeed. I loved the third movement, Celebration of Life.

    I have a question, are you using Garritan Ambience? There are ways you to can make it sound more real.

    Nevertheless, very nice.


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    Re: Order and Chaos


    I posted all of these before I had Sonar and can see a huge difference between now and then. The pieces get mixed so much better and easier in Sonar than thru Sibelius. But then, each to there own design.

    I listen to these now and can see so many glaring mistakes that could be so easily fixed in Sonar.

    I am considering, once I have my degree, to go straight after a Doctorate in Math Education. I am so afraid if I don't do it now, I will never get there. If I do indeed go that route, I have 6-7 more years of school. It's difficult to look at it that way, but 6-7 years is a lot better than 20-25 if I do it part time.

    Thanks as always for you comments and inspiration.


    I composed these in Sibelius 4 and then once I purchased sib 5 and GPO redid them thru Sib and KP2. These were the first ones I did and listening to them I can hear all the newbie mistakes. I now go thru Sonar which makes all of my works sound so much better. Still full of missteaks, just not as noticable.

    Thanks guys


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    Re: Order and Chaos

    Hi Ron. Yes, I do remember this work. Nice to hear the last movement. I like it – it fits well with the rest of it. I have only one problem with it – I wish that it had a bigger end, maybe a huge celebratory finish, since this is putting the end cap on this whole 4-movement work. Anyway, just my thought on it. Overall, though, I really like it.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Order and Chaos


    Most people that have heard this have said the exact same thing. Including me. I have always figured on going back and fixing the end, I just haven't found the time to yet.

    The problem comes from composing this the last movement first and then working backwards from there. I just never got back to the ending.



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    Thumbs up Re: Order and Chaos


    I just listened to the complete set of four pieces, in order, and am truly impressed. This is a very large scale work that you have rendered with a masterful touch. I hear your fondness of parallel 4ths and 5ths (of all kinds) but they are convincingly woven in to the fabric as an intregal part. I am also attracted to the Hindemithan practice of punctuating your dissonant passages with consonant cadences.
    You are indeed a pearl amongst the oyster shells of life.

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    Re: Order and Chaos

    Ron -

    I LOVE this style of composition and enjoyed listening to all four movements of this work!

    This is great writing, Ron. I appreciate and I'm grateful that you shared this music. To be honest, it's sparked some ideas for me. It also pointed me to some areas of growth for my own writing, especially for longer form composition. (I come here to learn as well as to listen, whenever I get the chance.)

    Great music, Ron!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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