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Topic: KP2 VST and Overture

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    KP2 VST and Overture

    I upgraded GPO to KP2. But where is the VST Instrument now?

    I can't find any kind of DLL, that I could post into the vst folder except the old GPO1.

    Can anyone shed some light on what I am missing?


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    Re: KP2 VST and Overture

    You should have ALL Kontaktplayers*.dll in that particular VST folder.
    Or you re-install the whole lot, or yhou just drag and drop those Kontaktplayers dll's to the folder where the other stuff is located.

    Overture just uses one and only one folder (and no subfolders!!!!!) for VST instruments. Under OVerture Preferences check Audio engine, and possibly do another Set Folder (may not be necessary).


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