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Topic: Seems like old times

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    Seems like old times

    Can't believe it's been so long since I've been here. Things are somewhat different, yet in so many ways the same. Visual problems have kept me away from a computer, but the last visit to my ophthalmologist brought me the news that he feels my eyes, although still quite fragile, are good enough so that I can use my computer up to 3 hours a day with frequent breaks. I've been really bummed out about not being able to do a lot of reading and of course creating music with all the great toys that Gary has been coming out with.

    I have played a few recitals with gratifying results, but I just have stayed away from my Mac except for email and my website. When I would try to do anything more it just seemed so difficult and slow, that it always sent me into distress. It was easier to give up some things than to live in a perpetual state of bummedoutness.

    But with the news that I can spend more time on the computer, and with the aid of the improved screen reader and voiceover features in Leopard, I'm going to give this GPO et all thing another try. Of course that includes visiting and hopefully taking part again in this greatest of forums.

    I've kept in phone contact with Dan Kury and he has let me know some of the news of all things Garritan and of course this forum.

    Thanks to those of you who have asked about me, and I apologize for not putting in an appearance now and then.

    Even though my visits here will not be as frequent as they once were, this place holds a very special corner in my heart.

    Best to you all,


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    Re: Seems like old times

    I guess I'll be the first to say Welcome Back (I'm sure I won't be anywhere near to the last though). I'm so sorry to learn of your problem. I hope you will be able to be a part of and continue to enjoy the forum. They say when one door closes, another opens, so maybe it's an opportunity to spend more time with the guitar. Sometimes I close my eyes for awhile and play just to confirm that I really know a piece or phrase, so you should be able to play as long as you want to, right? I will hope for a good resolution for you, Cheers! John

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    More Recording, Less Monitor Gazing


    May I suggest focusing on recording? You are great on guitar and keyboard, so use your computer to get some recording in and you will only need to look at the monitor now and then to start and stop the recording process. If you combine both analog and digital tasks such as this, you will find that you will be taking the automatic "breaks" that your eyes need, and your focus will be exercised, rather than stagnate.

    Of course, when you orchestrate your background strings and such, then you have to watch yourself. Set up a digital timer to alert you when you have been on the computer for 20 minutes, then take your breaks. God speed!

    Garritan on GarageBand '08 using Intel iMac with 1.5G RAM
    Listen to my collection here

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    Thumbs up Re: Seems like old times

    KARL ... DAGBURNITALL! Good to hear from you 'ol buddy!!! Can't say I didn't miss ya (well, maybe I could but that would be a lie!). That is encouraging new from your doctor. Hope to hear from you more often from now on, there, is, in, here, how, what, who, me? Yeah, you!
    I PM you, yes? No? Maybe, Not?

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    Smile Re: Seems like old times


    Thanks for the encouragement. That's pretty much what I've planned to do. While I was gone though, the Strad and cello came and went. Really sorry I missed them. I can't wait to get hands on the Steinway though. This launching is really an exciting event.

    Since I've been gone, Gary's site has received an overhaul. It really seems clean and easy to navigate. Nice job Gary.

    Styxx, Got your pm and will be calling you soon.

    Oh, and one more thing. Even though I'm sure that it has been said many times here, I just want to say publicly, what an incredible job those of you who worked on the Steinway demo page did. I think it will be the catalyst that will make me want to start practicing the piano again.

    And if I might share a little joy, Just got a new MacBook Pro, and feel like a six-year=old with a new bike.


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    Re: Seems like old times

    Hi Karl. Great to see your name back up on the forum. Sorry about the problems with your eyes. Glad the doctor is letting you spend more time on the computer.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Seems like old times

    Great to have you back with us, Karl!

    Your presence has been missed.

    All my best,


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    Re: Seems like old times


    So good to hear from you and so good to have you join us again.

    You have been missed and many members have been asking about you and were concerned.

    Thanks for keeping in touch and hope you'll be among us more often. Wishing you...

    All the very best,


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    Re: Seems like old times

    Glad to have you back, Karl. Wish you could make it to another NAMM as I enjoyed the time we had a few years ago.


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    Re: Seems like old times


    Welcome back! Whatever time you can spend here will be appreciated by all.
    Ron Pearl





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