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Topic: New Demo Reel - All EWQLSO Platinum

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    New Orchestral Demo Reel - MIDI Mockup

    Hey everyone. I just posted a new orchestral demo reel on my site at http://www.michaelshumway.com Any feedback would be appreciated. I just xfaded a bunch of clips of different cues I've written in the past. Thanks!

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    Re: New Demo Reel - All EWQLSO Platinum


    I'm listening as I write. Big music, big vistas, Duke Wayne herding cattle, sitting on top of a hill on his horse looking out over the plain. Orchestration etc is flawless, 10/10 for sheer skill & etc.

    But here's the thing. Maybe in these clips you didn't set out to give us your original voice so please take this constructive criticism at face value. There isn't a lot really original or even memorable here other than the skill you show as an orchestrator/arranger. Like i say, big music, crescendo after crescendo, but no real killer melody. Maybe that was your aim - to demonstrate you creds in this area at least. If it was you get 10/10.

    Cheers, ColinD

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