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Topic: Why no Vibraphone?

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    Why no Vibraphone?

    ....in the Concert Band/Marching Band Library; this instrument is very common in both genres.


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    Re: Why no Vibraphone?

    Maybe they couldn't find a long enough extension cord for the Marching Band version?
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    Re: Why no Vibraphone?

    I too was surprised by its absence, however the vibe in GPO is very good. If you are doing a lot of concert or marching band work, you owe it to your self to get Virtual Drumline. It's fantastic, and it fills in all the gaps and then some. I don't write battery parts, but for all the other toys and aux parts, it's brilliant.

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    Re: Why no Vibraphone?

    I agree about Virtual Drumline - not just for marching band. It's full of fantastic stuff for wind ensemble/concert band as well. In fact I find it more useful there.
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    Re: Why no Vibraphone?

    +1 for Virtual Drumline. It is an awesome library.
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