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Topic: Who is your favorite film Composer

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    Who is your favorite film Composer (using sample libraries)

    At the moment Who is your favorite Composer (to film)? Who uses sample libraries

    What makes them great and why?

    any musical/theory examples of what they offer to composing to film that are great in your mind?

    and who is the best at building tension in scenes with music (samples)
    and what do they do (theory wise) that makes it great?

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    Re: Who is your favorite film Composer

    Is your question:

    - Who is your favorite film composer?
    - Who is your favorite film composer who uses sample libraries?

    EDIT: Nevermind, you just answered my question.
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    Re: Who is your favorite film Composer (using sample libraries)

    Do you mean who is your fave composer who uses sample libraries for the end result, or ones who use this as a compositional method, but not necassarily for the end result?

    I'm not very fond of hearing sample libraries actually used in films as it spoils the mood completely. I would add that the composers who didn't use sample libraries, even in the compositional process, got much better results, however this could have more todo with the fact that they were just better composers!

    Of the composers I know who definitely have used sample libraries I would say that Bill Brown was pretty damn good. The Rogue Spear soundtrack (albeit a video game) is probably my favourite example of the kind of music we hear in films today (think big production with lots of staccato and drums). Although I'm the first to admit, its not harmonically complicated or particularly adventurous, it really captures the mood of stealthy espionage perfectly.
    Another great video game soundtrack is Deus Ex (not sure who its by). I think maybe synths were used instead, but its well worth a listen to if you're into electronic stuff.

    With regards to films, I think John Powell's music for the Bourne series are probably my favourite sample-library written scores. With that in mind however, I'd love to see if the film worked with a more old-school orchestral action soundtrack, if only to see whether this kind of music works alongside modern cinematography.

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