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Topic: Stylus RMX cuts out

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    Stylus RMX cuts out

    Hi guys,

    Had this a few times where a Stylus RMX Out will suddenly cease to play. I used to ignore it and copy the part to a new output.

    However, this time the whole synth won't play just after I had programmed in a part. It is playing really softly like it's going through the reverb only or something.

    Driving me nuts. Hopefully someone understands what I'm on about. Maybe it's some spurious automation?

    I had a part which was previewing a Backbeat loop fine. Changed it to my User Rex loop and it cut out again.


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    Re: Stylus RMX cuts out

    OK, I found a channel that worked - I had forgotten to set it to Groove instead of Slice.

    However, the original channel still won't work, even when previewing any library.

    I'm using Sonar as a host. It'll probably remain a mystery.

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