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Topic: New "STYLUS RMX instruments" for free !

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    New "STYLUS RMX instruments" for free !

    Hi, I done it again !

    I propose you 2 other playable instruments : one for lead, chorus... and
    another one for pads, chords. I've put them - with the previous bass
    synth - in a folder called "Phil's RMX Instruments" you can get here :


    These instruments are raw, so your go ! tweak sound with effects,
    filters, enveloppes... it's worth the trouble ! For inspiration, I've
    done a little audio demo only with STYLUS RMX. These processed
    instruments you can hear are :
    - the rythmic riff with phasing/distortion ;
    - the bass sound ;
    - the poly brass sound ;
    - the hi-strings sound.
    Abe LABORIEL Jr. drumloops and sounds (Burning Grooves !) ans few
    BackBeat cymbals.
    Only with STYLUS RMX internal effects. I love a lot musicality and
    colour of "valve radio", phasings, delays...

    This short demo is called RockMX ...


    ...a wink at FM rock of the 80's !

    I'm very excited while thinking about what it could be possible to get
    with Omnisphere !!!

    Do not hesitate to ask me more about demo sounds or the "RMX
    Instruments" concept, primary done... for fun !

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    Re: New "STYLUS RMX instruments" for free !


    Now I wish I brought the I-pod...so I could have downloaded the files and try 'm in the studio.

    I have played with this concept...in an other way though.

    I made some samples of the synths I work with (Atmosphere, V-Collection, Access-Virus) and imported them into RMX. Then playing them in the original tempo and process them with RMX's internal FX. Pretty cool!!!

    Then, when working on a different experiment, I used the loops...but in a different tempo or pitch...sometimes with trippy, weird and unreal results

    Your approach I never tried...but...definately I will bring the I-pod tomorrow.

    Thanks bro',


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    Re: New "STYLUS RMX instruments" for free !

    Hi Phil,

    I tried your RMX instruments...and must say...it is pretty cool.

    How did you do it? When I have a slice/sample which is longer than a certain amount of time...say 3 seconds...it fades out in RMX. Your samples seem to last longer.

    Did you play all notes for the same amount of time, rendered it to audio, sliced it, imported it in the Sage converter...et voila...?!

    Cool idea!

    I made a sequence last night...and it is pretty cool to put 3 effects in the rack...AND 12 more FX in the Send FX racks...And if you want...you can do that for 16 notes (Edit Groups).

    Would be cool to somehow sample a lightbulb or something...make a sequence...and use all the FX.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: New "STYLUS RMX instruments" for free !

    Oh, sorry Robin !

    I forgot to confirm each note/sample has stricly the same lenght, amount of time. Don't worry about the big size of files generated : RMX manages it pretty well...


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