I don't seem to be able to use keyswitches in Cubase SX using GPO as a VSTi. It works fine when I open up the VSTi in Cubase and press a keyswitch-key (e.g. tremolo strings) there; if I then play back the notes from that track, they will be playing tremolo. However, any notes that I put as keyswitches on that track in the key editor are ignored. So even when I put in a C#1, it'll still play tremolo.

If I use the Kontakt2 VST with GPO instruments loaded, the keyswitches do work... (although I do get some clicks if I do it like this, which is why I'd rather avoid using Kontakt2).

So is there a way to make these key switches work using the standard GPO VST plugin?

Sorry for double posting, I've posted this to another forum here as well, although I think this place might give me a better chance to find the answer...

Kind regards