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Topic: In Memory - STS 51L

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    In Memory - STS 51L

    I wrote the music for this video yesterday and created the video today (April 13). It is dedicated to the astronauts and crew of Challenger STS 51L who died January 28, 1986. The movie was created with Space Shuttle Mission 2007, stills from NASA and Window Movie Maker.


    I hope you enjoy.
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    Re: In Memory - STS 51L


    Who in their right mind would want to strap themselves to an explosion just to go where it is impossible to live without tons of assistance and the whole time knowing that you have a better than average chance of dying?

    Sign me up!!!

    I had a room mate back then that had Christa McAuliffe as a teacher and my brother was on one of the ships picking up the pieces. I have been a space fanatic since the Mercury Project and if I had the needed 10 million dollars, I would go.

    The term Hero gets bandied about alot and often times not rightly so. But in the case of these men and women, I call them heros.

    This is a fine tribute to those who push out the envelope and do not always return.

    Well Done


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    Re: In Memory - STS 51L

    I remember that day. . .

    I am a huge "Space Fan"! I find the whole concept of space exploration to be very fascinating! So, for me, those who go on such a missions are heroes. They are heroes because the risk their lives for the sake of "searching and exploring" to provide knowledge and expand mankind's understanding of the universe. Hopefully this will help mankind understand himself.

    My heart sank with everyone else's heart when I witnessed that horrific tragedy that day. . . .

    We lost some precious people that day. . .

    Your music and video is a fine tribute to these heroes.
    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: In Memory - STS 51L

    Ron and efiebke - thanks for watching and listening. We always need to keep memory of those who gave everything so that we can learn. All pioneers face unknown dangers, but not for them we would have no future.

    I am glad you enjoyed the video - the music came extremely easy for this tribute taking me only hours to complete.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: In Memory - STS 51L

    Nice little memorial you created here. Very sad…..
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: In Memory - STS 51L

    A very well done tribute to those I consider among
    the heroes of our age: they who "burst the surly
    bonds" of earth, and in so doing, often with their
    lives the price, expand the horizons of Mankind.

    Thank you for this, William.

    My best,


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    Re: In Memory - STS 51L

    I remember being in the 5th grade watching on the library TV. A long time ago it seems. Beautiful music and a wonderful tribute.

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    Re: In Memory - STS 51L

    Yes, I remember the day well. Seeing the footage over and over on TV (like 9/11).

    This is a wonderful tribute in memory of the crew, Bill. Thank you for sharing it. I also left a comment on Youtube for you.

    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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    Re: In Memory - STS 51L

    Trent, David, Michael and Paul - Thanks for watching and listening, We should all sing songs for our heros that is what makes us more human.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: In Memory - STS 51L

    This is an excellent piece of music. Very heroic and evocative of the event. I love the transition from the trumpet solo to the piano.

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