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Topic: OT: I'm down

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    Unhappy OT: I'm down

    Sorry about the completely and utterly OT, but you folk are about the only people I talk to outside my family, and I need to vent. After weeks of blocking her at every turn (taking her meds off her and dispensing them daily, discovering the scalpels she took from work, etc) my wife finally managed to engineer a situation where she got her hands on her drugs, and took a massive overdose yesterday. The paracetamol alone could have killed two or three people, then she took a week's worth of Lithium, and Diazepam, as well as a whole pack of anti-emetics, to make sure she didn't bring the rest back.

    Fortunately the anti-emetics didn't work so well, so after a night of her being in and out of consciousness, completely incoherent, and throwing up constantly, she has come back to us. No indication of whether there's any permanent brain or organ damage yet though.

    Everything seems really surreal now. I had a job interview at a different school Thursday, but I'm finding it hard to relate to reality at that level - it just doesn't seem to matter. I'll probably have to pull out. Tomorrow I'll be at work, because I can't visit Zoe till the evening anyway. It's going to be so wierd pretending I give a stuff about Reggae, Kecak and Blues, while I don't know whether Zoe is relapsing into a coma.

    The house is really quiet. Zoe's in the hospital - I suspect she'll be sectioned this time. I had to send my daughters to my mum's, because I can't cope with learning to do everything Zoe did as well as hold my own life together - not for a few days. I'd completely forgotten what it's like to be alone.

    Sorry again - hope I haven't bummed anyone out too much.

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    Re: OT: I'm down

    Gosh, David, I am so deeply sorry to hear you and Zoe
    going through this.

    You both have remained in my thoughts and prayers
    every single night; and I hope you know that all of us
    here are concerned for you in this time of trouble.

    Always my best,


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    Re: OT: I'm down


    I am sorry sorry to hear about this terrible turn of events.

    Please don't feel totally alone as you have people here who care about you. Let us know if and how we can help.

    You, Zoe and your daughters are in our thoughts and our prayers.

    Take care,


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    Re: OT: I'm down

    Thanks David and Gary,
    knowing that you care, and that we're in your prayers is the biggest help you could offer. Thankyou.

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    Re: OT: I'm down

    David, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Strangers though we may be (apart from this forum), ping me an e-mail if there is anything I can do to help.

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: OT: I'm down

    Yea, we're strangers in sense, but we musicians are as close as family in another. We're born that way. David I'm so sorry to hear of your wife's situation. I can only imagine what you're going through. If you need to vent, whatever, do it here with us. We're here for ya. Let us know what/ if there's anything we can do, even if it's just to share a cup of coffee sometime. I'm sending mojo your way,brother.

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    Re: OT: I'm down


    I, too, am saddened to hear that things have taken such a bad turn. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers for an eventual and safe return to normalcy.


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    Re: OT: I'm down

    David, please know that you have our sympathies during this trial. I will remember you and your wife to the Lord, that somehow she will be protected from herself and that God will give you peace and wisdom with how to deal with this.

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    Re: OT: I'm down

    Well, Dave, it is very important that you keep yourself busy. Wash & wax the car, scrub the kitchen ceiling, mow the lawn, anything too keep you from brooding over the problem, which is not at all helpful. See your kids as often as you can. You must be their Rock of Gibraltar during this time of trouble. Visit your wife whenever it is not counterproductive. Retain as much as possible of normalcy.

    Easy for me to say, I know, but it just seems to me that this is what I would try.


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    Re: OT: I'm down

    Wow, David, that is tough. I think going to work tomorrow is a good choice – there is nothing you can do on your own and staying with your routine with people you know will help get you through the day.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Zoe, as I am sure you will be on the minds of everyone on this forum who has come to know you.
    Trent P. McDonald

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